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    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes


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    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes Empty Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes

    Post by Admin Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:38 am

    Top 5 Episodes of South Park with Video Games

    5. Sexual Healing ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/season-14-episode-1.html )
    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes Vlcsnap2010031809h47m23
    After Tiger Woods comes clean, America becomes obsessed with the "epidemic" of rich men having sex with lots of women. As a result, Kyle and Butters are labeled as sex addicts and are placed in treatment.The Story is pretty average for a South Park episode but the Video Game the boys play makes it worthwhile.If you know anything about The Tiger Woods Scandal you will find the game to be hilarious

    4. Go God Go (Part 1) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/go-god-go.html )
    4. Go God Go (Part 2) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/go-god-go-xii.html )
    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes Gamesphere
    Cartman tries to cryogenically freeze himself so that he doesn't have to wait for the new Nintendo Wii, and Ms. Garrison falls for the new Evolution teacher and becomes an Atheist.Funny As Hell!!! Even though this episode is nearly 4 years old and The Wii is Out It shows the Frustration People have on waiting for things like the Wii.

    3. Guitar Queer-o ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/guitar-queer-o.html )
    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes 1113GuitarQueer-O--1
    Stan and Kyle become local celebrities after they score 100,000 points on the video game "Guitar Hero." A talent agent signs them to a contract, which ends up ruining their friendship.Whether you play Guitar Hero or not you will enjoy this episode.Songs such as Carry on Wayward Son and John the Fisherman also makes this the Best South Park Soundtrack Since Bigger,Longer and Uncut

    2. Best Friends Forever ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/best-friends-forver.html )
    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes Kenny+psp
    Cartman and Kenny's friendship becomes strained when Kenny buys the last of the Sony PSPs in stock.The first South Park episode to win an Emmy This 5 year-old episode reminds us how ape shit everyone went when the PSP first came out. Along With one of the best Video Game Episodes It is Also one of the best Religious episodes (Thats Saying Alot)

    1. Make Love, Not Warcraft ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/make-love-not-warcraft.html )
    Top 5 South Park Video Game Episodes South_park_wow
    The kids work around the clock to improve their character skills in "World of Warcraft" so that they can beat a fellow gamer who keeps violating the rules and killing everyone else's characters.Yeah it is a bit obvious putting this on top but it deserves to be. Epic, Cool and Hilarious this is the best Video Game Episode and arguably the Best South Park Episode.

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