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    South Park Top 5 Jimmy Episodes


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    South Park Top 5 Jimmy Episodes

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:26 am

    Top 5 South Park Episodes With Jimmy

    5. Red Sleigh Down ( )

    When an attempt to bring Christmas to Iraq turns disastrous, the boys head to Iraq with Jesus and Mr. Hankey to save Santa from terrorists.Watching Cartman try to be nice is Hilarious but this is a Jimmy List and Red Sleigh Down Makes The List for Jimmy's Talented Voice.

    4. Erection Day ( )

    Jimmy gets his first erection just days before the school talent show.It's Funny Seeing Jimmy Turn to Butters and Cartman for Advice and An Epic Car Chase Speeds This Episodes way to Number 4.

    3. Cripple Fight ( )

    The boys fight to get Big Gay Al reinstated as their scout leader, and Timmy is jealous of the new handicapped kid in town, Jimmy.Jimmy's Very First Episode is One of his Best.Butters and Big Gay Al Are Funny But This Episode would be nothing without the Legendary Cripple Fight.

    2. Krazy Kripples ( )

    Jimmy and Timmy form a club for people who were handicapped from birth. They call it the Crips, and soon find themselves caught up in gang warfare with the real Crips in Denver.The Last Episode we looked at had Jimmy and Timmy as Rivals but by Season 7 there Best Friends.The Boys are Hilarious Christopher Reeve is Hilarious But Jimmy and Timmy are The Stars and They Place This Episode at Number 2.

    1. Up the Down Steroid ( )

    Jimmy begins using steroids to improve his chances in the special Olympics. Meanwhile, Cartman disguises himself as a handicapped boy so he can enter as well and win the cash prize.Cartman Entering The Special Olympics is one of The Funniest plots in the whole Series But as i mentioned before this is a Jimmy List and Jimmy on Steroids is Also one of The Funniest While being pretty Sad Too.Up on Moral, Up on Presentation and Its Funny Enough To Make The Top of The List.


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