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    Top 31 Horror Movies


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    Top 31 Horror Movies  Empty Top 31 Horror Movies

    Post by Admin Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:03 am

    For The 31 Days of October I Am Going To Be Posting a Horror Movie A Day While I am Ranking Them on This List . ahh i don't know if anyone reads these things but i will put my comments about the movie and why it made the list.

    Keep in Mind That i'm mixing them up a bit some will be funny, scary, gory but they have to be entertaining to make the list.

    oh, and sorry there won't be alot of old horror movies from the 50s and 30s and so on, cause there is no download links for them.

    31. Child's Play ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/childs-play.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Childs-Play-movie-02
    Let's Start the List of with Something Simple: A Slasher Movie...With A Doll..That Used to be a Guy...That Used Voodoo To Become a doll afte- ya know it's Not As Simple as Most Slasher Flicks are nor is it that Scary.But The Reason this Makes This List is Simple, CHUCKY, he is sooo Cool.

    30. The Devil's Rejects ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/devils-rejects.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Rejects02
    Sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, Although You Don't Need to See It to Enjoy this viciously entertaining psycho-road-movie-revenge-'n'-wreckage-romance.Rob Zombie Directs, and his eye for the faux-'70s detail is perfect.The Three Psychopaths Played by Sid Haig, Bill Moseley and Sheri Moon Zombie are all Brutal While Sometimes I Find Myself Routing For Them.

    29. Friday The 13th (1980) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/friday13th.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Friday_The_13th_Part_2_Jason_Mask%5B1%5D
    Although many immediately associate the Friday the 13th movies with the character of Jason Vorhees, the original does not even introduce him until the very end (the hockey mask comes much later). Friday the 13th took the momentum created by John Carpenter's Halloween and accelerated it.The Special Effects Still Look Gruesome After 30 Years and it deserves a spot on this List for Being one of the Most Iconic Horror Movies of All Time.

    28. Gremlins 2 ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/gremlins-2.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Gremlinspiderhc6
    The Spider Gremlin, The Bat Gremlin and The Electric Gremlin, That Should be enough to put this awesome sequel on the list.The Gremlins Look Better, are Funnier, Theres More of Them and it can make the list because it's not a christmas movie.

    27. Saw ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/saw.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Saw_2
    A live person's intestines are pulled out of his body after he has been disemboweled with a knife.........Nuff Said.

    26.The Hills Have Eyes (1977) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/hills-have-eyes.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Hills_have_eyes_orig_poster1977
    There are Horror Movies about Murderers, Dolls, Puppets and Monsters but in my opinion not enough about cannibals.Wes Cravens Classic still holds up today and its good enough to make 26 on the list.

    25. Godzilla (1954)
    Top 31 Horror Movies  90-second-expert-monster-movies-02-429-75
    There are alot of great godzilla movies out there, but i'm not putting this one on the list because i think it's the best, It makes the list for being the most fitting of the word Horror.

    24. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/nightmare1984.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Nightmare-Elm-Street_l
    Another Wes Craven Classic and it's from the 80's, the slasher decade i like to call it.Here we have a Awesome Story, a Awesome Villian and Johnny Depp's Screen Debut.Robert Englund is Freddy and this movie is the best in the series.

    23.Scream ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/scream.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Barrymore_scream
    Aww Man Making This List is Exhausting I feel Stupid and Repitive, Just like the slasher genre was getting in the mid-90's.Scream Spoofs every slasher movie cliché and uses it to boost the comedy and Strengthen the Suspense.The Idea of this Movie alone Deserves to make the List.

    22. Pan's Labyrinth ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/pans-labyrinth.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Pans-labyrinth
    I Know, I Know you think Pan's Labyrinth should be higher.I Love this Movie and it's one of the Best Movies of the Decade but it's more of a fantasy movie than a horror.and Although it has some nice Horror Elements The Fantasy Wins This Film.If I Made a Top 31 Fantasy Movies, Trust Me This would Top It.But For Now its my 23rd Favorite as a Horror Movie.

    21. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/texas2.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Lefty2
    There are a Few Reasons Why I Put this on the list and not the original.one being i think it's one of the Strangest sequels of all time another being i like the way most horror sequels try to be more serious or better than the original and end up failing, but this sequel knew that was proberly going to happen so they made more of a Spoof than a Sequel another reason why this makes this list instead of the original is....welll i coul'int find a download link for it.Chop Top and Leather Face's Stupid Dance Somehow Makes This List.

    20. Dawn of the Dead (2004) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/dawndead.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Dawn_2004_l
    The only remake to make the List and you''ll see why.The plot is pretty straightforward, and relies mostly on cliché themes to move the story along. So as a rule, most films such as this tend to be predictable and quite tepid. Luckily, `Dawn of the Dead' has strong personalities to fall back on, making it thankfully every bit a character-driven drama as it is a horror-action piece.

    19. 28 Days Later ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/28days.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  28-days-later-dark-run-small
    Another Zombie Movie To make the List and it certainly Won't be the Last.28 Days Later Creates a Whole New Kind of Zombies - Fast Ones.The Fact That the Zombies can Run Faster than The Humans Heightens The Fear that They Will Get You.The Movie Has Great Characters and a Great Story to Back it Up.Maybe I'm Just Being Lazy by Putting a Movie Link i already have up, but this Definitely Deserves a Spot on this List.

    18. An American Werewolf in London ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/werewolf.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  An-american-werewolf-in-london
    Comedy Meets Horror Expertly in Arguably The Best Werewolf Movie Ever Made.The Transformation Scenes Beats Twilight's by a Mile and you gotta Love David.

    17. Shaun of the Dead( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/shaun-of-the-dead.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Shaun-of-the-dead1_1
    I was totally munted this week that i did'int post the rest of this list, but it's not like anyone cares for God's sake!Here We have the Best Zombie Comedy of all time. You May be thinking this is'int scary (IF YOU ARE I'M GOING TO GET YOU) but when their all hiding in the pub and you don't know which way the movies gonna turn or which main character will die next.....yeah thats scary.

    16. Evil Dead 2 ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/evil-dead-2.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Evil-dead-2-2
    A chainsaw as a hand...........Nuff Said

    OK Let's Fast Forward to the Top 6 I Will Fill in The Gap When i Get Time

    6. Braindead/Dead Alive ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/braindead.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  8611.dead_5F00_alive_5F00_baby
    Would you Believe that Peter Jackson, the man whose Lord of the Rings Trilogy Won 17 Oscars, made the Goriest Movie of All Time.
    If You Have the Guts to see this, Grab a Barf Bag, Sit Back and Enjoy Lord of the Splatter Movies.

    5. The Shining ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/the-shining.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  TheShining_788880c
    Jack Nicolson Could Well Be Th...... Doe's anyone even care what i think about these movies let alone read these things!.Anyway if you do want to know what i think of this movie: ITS A F*CKED UP MASTERPIECE.

    4. Night of the Living Dead ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/living-dead.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Night-of-the-living-dead
    Classic Just Classic, Zombies at their Best.And What Makes A Horror Movie Even Better is if it is Independent, Low Budget but Classic.Arguably The Best Zombie Movie of All Time and Definitely the most Unique for it's time.

    3. Pyscho
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Psycho
    ...........yeah classic movie nobody cares what i think so lets move on!

    2. The Exorcist ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/the-exorcist.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  The-exorcist
    OH SNAP! The Exorcist Did'int Make Number 1......For Once.Considered To Be The Scariest Movie of All Time......and Theres Tons More I Could Say About It But......Whats The Point!?

    1. Halloween (1978) ( http://ipodpspmovietv.weebly.com/halloween.html )
    Top 31 Horror Movies  Halloween-pic
    Yeah....Yeah, Halloween Gets Put On The Number One Spot on Halloween.........big whoop wanna fight about it.Bone Chilling Theme, The Scream Queen, Donald Pleasence, and Micheal Myers are classics on there own.......Thanks For Not Giving A S*it about my list......Just Kidding.............and If You Noticed all the - ......... in this list then........HOLY F*CK YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS THANK YOU MAN.THANK....YOU!!!!


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