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    The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park


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    The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park

    Post by Admin on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:51 am

    Simpsons in South Park

    Simpsons Already Did It -

    Professor Chaos (Butters) struggles to find an evil scheme that hasn't already been done on The Simpsons.Butters reaction when he learns that "The Simpsons already did it" mimic Matt and Trey's own reaction when they think of a good idea, then realize that the simpsons did it already, leaving them with random ideas

    Cartoon Wars Part 2 -

    Bart Helps Cartman Cancel Family Guy.According to Parker and Stone, following the airing of Part 1, they were contacted by the producers of both The Simpsons and King of the Hill, praising their work. This inspired the addition of Bart Simpson as a character in this episode of this two-part episode as well as a brief scene in which the King of the Hill animation staff can be seen in the background

    Family Guy in South Park

    Cartoon Wars Part 1 -
    Cartoon Wars Part 2 -

    Cartman begins a one-man crusade to get "Family Guy" taken off the air after it shows an image of Mohammed.As a matter of fact (or irony), Comedy Central refused to air an image of Mohammed, which would have been shown in the "Family Guy" episode within the show.

    South Park in The Simpsons

    The Bart of War -

    Bart and Milhouse watch South Park.Also In This Episode: Marge makes Bart quit hanging out with Milhouse after the two are caught invading the Flanders' home

    Family Guy in The Simpsons

    Treehouse of Horror XIII -

    Homer creates an army of clones of himself that are each progressively dumber than the real Homer. One of the clones is shown to be Peter Griffin.Also In Thsi Episode: gun-wielding zombies attack Springfield after a ban on firearms And Scare Harms and The Simpsons are trapped on an island where people are transformed into animals.

    The Simpsons in Family Guy

    PTV -

    the opening is a parody of the Naked Gun movies, with Stewie on a tricycle, at the end Homer Simpson is being chased into his garage as in the opening sequence to The Simpsons.Also In This Episode: Peter gets an idea to start his own cable network.

    The Juice is Loose -

    Mayor Adam West is seen talking to someone off the screen and leads the viewer to think he is talking to OJ Simpsons, who is in the town, when he says: "We don't want you in our town Simpson. We don't love you like we did back in 1993... The screen cuts to Homer Simpson who says his trademark "D'oh".Also In This Episode: Everyone is up in arms after Peter becomes friends with O.J. Simpson.


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